Sports Injury Doctor in Chandigarh

For dedicated athletes and sportspersons, injuries are a harsh reality, a part of their lifestyle. Sports injuries, overlooked or improperly treated, can grow in severity and pose the risk of long-term inactivity, or worse. That’s why it’s essential you seek out expert opinion in the event of trauma or nagging physical distress in any part of your body. Sportspersons are used to dealing with physical distress like aches and soreness on a daily basis. As such, they have a higher tolerance for bodily discomfort which often makes them ignore lingering pains which can be a sign of some serious muscle, joint or bone injury. Dr. Manu Mengi is one of the  leading sports injuries specialist, with over 8 years of experience in diagnosing and treating sports related injuries and rehabilitation procedures. His in-depth knowledge of the workings of modern medicine, surgical and non-surgical pain management and healing processes, and of the human body itself make him ideal for both minor and serious sports injuries. In Dr. Manu Mengi’s care, you can expect undivided focus on treating you injury in the quickest possible time frame so you can get back to pursuing your athletic goals at the earliest. Apart from just treating your injuries, Dr. Manu Mengi will also help you adapt to safer, less injury prone ways of going about your athletic training and day to day movements and guide you towards becoming more efficient in terms of physical movement, and stronger overall.