Pain Specialist Hospital in Chandigarh Mohali

Quick, lasting pain relief from acute and chronic pain in joints, muscles and spine caused by deformities or disorders in the musculoskeletal system. If you’ve been experiencing pain in your joints, muscles or back for a while and it hasn’t gotten better with topical treatment, over the counter drugs, rest and time, it could be the sign of a severe injury or disorder. Dr. Manu Mengi is a certified pain management specialist who’s studied Dry Needling and Rheumatology. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the physiology and complexities of pain, specializes in diagnosing the underlying conditions and evaluating the patient’s suitability for different remedial procedures. Years of experience studying and working on pain management procedures enable him to effectively assess your pain based on factors such as age, other injuries, metabolic problems and overall medical history. With an eye for detail and excellent knowledge of the latest pain management medication, surgical and non-invasive procedures, Dr Manu Mengi is ideally suited to diagnose and treat your pain. He’s highly skilled at performing remedial procedures like spinal injections and surgeries, and will guide you through post-surgical care, physiotherapy and rehab to ensure you can achieve optimal pain relief and be in the best shape possible for years to come.