Reality check: Every day is different with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Lucky you if some days are good, else hard days can be really hard. What if you hack a few ways through which you can simplify your day-to-day life? Time to bring you glad tidings! Make a quick read to know the smart tips and tricks to manage the disease well and have a normal life.

Mornings can be the worst
Because your joints can be immobile during the night, you might feel extra pain and stiffness in the morning. Sadly, it will throw off the rest of your day. On days when your pain is extra bad, you can use heat therapy to decrease the pain and improve muscle flexibility. Heat will warm the skin and deeper tissues, causing the blood vessels to dilate and enabling more oxygen to the joints and muscles.

Some people feel pain in their hands and wrists. To make things smoothers, sleeping in compression gloves can be a savior for them. They reduce pain and keep your fingers flexible and supported. Take your time to wake up and stretch in the first place. Just roll your body from ankles to shoulders and pull your knees to your chest. Don’t rush yourself in the morning.

Listen to your body

To make things easier, just listen to your body and work accordingly. You need to be present and mindful in every moment. Just aim for a medium pace and take lot of breaks. Don’t put much stress on your joints and set your feet slightly apart when you stand. You can take the support of a chair or wall when you have to stand for a long time in order to put less load on your body.

Manage the chores smartly
Mopping, Sweeping and Laundry!! It’s all that over your mind when you wake up and want to start your day with it. Unluckily, it’s not your day today, thanks to rheumatoid arthritis. However, a smart management can work for you. Schedule laundry for today and mopping, sweeping for another. You need break these chores into several days to make things easier. Use easy to handle brooms and dusters to avoid any pressure on your joints.

Prefer a regular low-intensity exercise
If you feel that exercise can make the things worst, you need to rethink. A low-intensity exercise can be beneficial in managing the disease. You can try walking as it can help reduce fatigue and prevent loss of muscle mass and bone density. A basic workout like walking can also prevent other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease that you are highly vulnerable of. Last but not the least, it can help you get through your day happily and avoid depression. Overall, movement is important to keep joint stiffness at bay.

Apart from these smart tips and tricks, keep it in your mind that dealing with rheumatoid arthritis is easier said than done. Sometimes, the pain can have a great impact on your mood, so much so that you have to turn down your plans and miss out on things that you are willing to do. It can increase the chances of depression and anxiety. Have someone by your side who can be a good listener for you and can help you sort out your feelings.